Saturday, August 27, 2011

Poor planning or a lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part!

So Saturday was scheduled to be an incredibly busy day. I had an event from 9:30am-4:30pm and then church at 6pm with potential dinner plans after. With the impending hurricane, everything was canceled. That translated to much needed R&R (rest and relaxation) for Ro.

I planned to sleep in late (well til about 8am), do a little light cleaning here and there but stay in bed and read while I burned my sweet scented candles. In order to facilitate this plan, I did all my preparations the day before so it wouldn't have any tasks scheduled for today). Well how did that work out? Eh, it didn't!

I fell asleep around 10pm on Friday so I woke up around 3am. I had emails from my friend in India checking up on me and then I ended up talking to Osato for a while. 4:45am, I finally get ready to go to bed
5am my cousin calls me to ask me a question about her flight. I do some research, give her the information and go back to bed.
7am, I speak to my aunt to confirm that my cousin made her flight.
8am, my uncle calls me to verify this information and I go back to sleep.
[8:30am]About 30 mins later, my dear friend Wu Jingjing calls me and I could not pass up the opportunity to catch up with her. We speak for about an hour and I declare getting sleep an absolute impossibility.
9:30 am I speak to my neighbor who invites me to go shopping with her but I told her that I already went. So I took a shower and washed my hair
10 am My girlfriend who advised me previously to board up my house, calls to chat
10:20 am I call my friend who is in a hurricane zone to find out if she evacuated already
10:40 am My aunt calls me again and then I declare its nap time!
11:30am My neighbor calls me requesting that I meet her at the supermarket with a cart because she is buying a lot of heavy groceries. She advised that there was even a line to get in the supermarket! I head to the supermarket with her cart and an hour late I am back home
12:04pm My uncle calls me saying that he is at the airport trying to pick up my cousin but he is told that the flight is canceled! We already confirmed that the flight left and should have arrived about ten minutes before he called me. I check the website and call him back to tell him that the flight left 48 mins late so should arrive at 12:11 so just sit tight.
12:12 I call someone who works at the airport and declares "Danielle disappeared" frantically he asks me to explain and I say "well she was supposed to leave at 7am but didnt leave until 7:48am, the plane doesn't have enough fuel to turn back, it has to land in Jamaica, the Kingston airport is stating that the flight was canceled and the NY airport is confirming that the flight left so by logical deduction, she disappeared" lol... then I realize he is getting really nervous so I say "just kidding, she should be landing any minute now, just wanted to update you. He verifies this information using the internal airport site.
In the next hour or so, I speak to my dad, other friend from Long Island, friend from Connecticut and then speak to my cousin after she got off the plane and gave her the story of how everyone was freaking out.
My neighbor calls me to help her with her cart. I run downstairs and it is pouring rain outside, so my hair that just about finished drying since I let it air dry, got wet again lol.

At this point, I am tired, lacking sleep and I just want to turn my phone off but of course I can't turn my phone off because if the hurricane is serious, my loved ones will be calling and I don't want them to worry about me.

3-7pm I get some sort of a break, I read a book and relaxed.
8pm I talk to my friend who spent over $800 on fixtures and drainage system- way to boost the economy!

Not sure what time, I fell asleep, probably around 11pm. I slept really well while it rained and then at 7:30am one of my sisters called me to check on me.

Sunday was a much better day. I had a lot of "me" time as well as time to catch up with friends. Spoke to Mary Jane, who recently came back from her honeymoon.

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