Friday, August 19, 2011

Faith moves mountains

My Faith

So here is my faith story in a nutshell.

1. Grew up in Jamaica, went to church religiously (every Sunday), actually enjoyed it, always loved God because as the song taught me, I should "because He first loved me (that's the reason we all are to love Him).
2. Later, I moved to NY to live with my dad (who did not go to church) and I went to church with my sister briefly (she moved out soon after) and then I was on my own where God was concerned. But I was already "trained up in the way I should go" but then I realized something.. I would go to church and agree mentally with the pastor "yes, yes, Praise God" but as much as you would feel encouraged, nothing changed.
3. It was years later that my manager at the time introduced me to World Changers Church New York pastored by Creflo Dollar. He was practical, he gave understanding, he was comical, encouraging but the difference was that there was a difference. I would walk in with a problem and walk out with a solution. The solution was developing a personal relationship with God - it was one thing for the pastor to tell you something but I had to gain an understanding and experience for myself that God loved me and that was huge. Yes we know that God loves us but when we think of love as an action, then there are outcomes and results.
4. God loves me so????? God loves me so He will not allow me to stay the same way I am (character development); God loves me so I will not want for anything (we are in Covenant); God loves me so He gives me His best gifts- the Kingdom of God (righteousness, peace and joy.
5. This church was not founded on religious principles (I mean we don't even go to church on Sunday and we are not Adventist)- we are just a bunch of people who meet when we can (Saturday night) and love God.

So do I still have questions about why some things are done? I do, but that's the thing with having a Kingdom- its based on theocracy and I want to be apart of the Kingdom. I will not take my democratic mindset and try to mix it with the King's guidelines so that I can customize the plan. I want what God has in store for me. That's all apart of faith, I may not understand why or how but if I had all of that, would that be faith or insurance?

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