Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Why God doesn't want us to sin

Growing up I was convinced that my mother just did not want me to have fun.  Even though she didn't say "no" all the times, I felt like that. Mom, can I ride my bicycle? Can I go to the party? Can I sleepover? Can I....? No.

Now that I understand her reasons (because she didnt always provide one since I was mandated to "you just do as I say") and I know that it was always for my benefit. I am more than thankful to her! It is almost as if she had a sixth sense, she just knew it wasn't a good idea. Hindsight is a beautiful thing and its 20/20 vision!

With God, it is a little bit different. Whereas my mom could prevent me from doing something and call it "parenting" God was a bit limited (yes God almighty was limited... think with me for a second). God gave us dominion and operates on a principle called free will. He can warn and guide us (using the Bible) but He wont make us do something (or not). But as any good parent, there is discipline. So why doesn't God want us to sin (oh sorry I thought this was a childhood flashback. Alas back to the point).

1. Sin makes cowards of men (Sin makes men cowards).Now what in the world does that mean? When a child errs, they start hiding from their parents, sometimes they won't even want to ask their parents for anything because they still feel guilty about what they did and they feel they don't deserve it.
The Bible urges us to ask and expect to receive, ask with boldness and draw close to God and He will draw close to us. The reactions of our sins make us what to do the exact opposite.
2. Sin keeps you out of the will of God for your lifeGod has a plan for us and its not to harm/hurt us/make our lives miserable. This plan is what we desire and to give us a good future. When we sin, it takes us out of the will of God for our lives so God's hands are tied. He can't bless us until we get back on track. (So please don't sin around in condemnation, repent and get back in the game)
(Whenever we get kicked out of the system at work, our supervisor would say to us jokingly "get back in the fight you cowards"). And that's what I urge you to do. It is a spiritual battle, who is gonna win? God or satan? It's your choice.

There are tons of other reasons but you only need a few right now. Digest this and like Busta let me know when you're ready and then say "gimme some more"

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