Friday, April 13, 2012

Proficiency, Sustainability and Beyond

This engaging session focuses on the questions:

1. How can we make sure that Chinese language learning is not just another fad that will come and go but is poised for sustainability?
2. How is Chinese language education viewed within and outside the US and lessons to be learned and more importantly
3. How do you change the mindset that "English is all I need"

Katherine Carruthers urges countries to place Mandarin among the mainstream languages.

Myriam Met explains that there has been a huge growth in Mandarin Chinese immersion can be attributed to the realization of the importance of Chinese for meeting public demands, competitiveness and various other personal motives. Contrary to popular belief, learning another language is of no detriment to English speaking or learning.

Shuhan Wang persuades the audience that critical thinking, multi-tasking and cognitive skills, preventitive delay of alzheimers are just a few benefits of learning a new language. With the rise of globalization, learning a new language will help you to be a more engaging global citizen.

- if your only tool is a hammer, every problem will look like a nail
- all major decisions are not made around the business conference table but rather in the hallway, on the golf course in a non English tongue! Being proficient in another language will increase your chances for success

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