Saturday, April 7, 2012

Fasting: this is NOT a public announcement

Matthew 6: 1-18 advises that fasting should be a personal act, let's review some of the do's and don'ts

Caveat: this is not a public announcement, do not try to get attention by announcing to everyone that you are fasting.
- beware of practicing your righteous acts to be noticed by men (v1)
- give to the poor in secret (v2-4)
- pray meaningfully in secret to God (v5-9)
- pray the Lord's prayer (v10-15)
- anoint your head and wash your face so your fasting won't be noticed (v16-18a)

- practice your "good deeds" to get public recognition or admiration
- announce to the public that you helped someone in need
- act like the hypocrite who prays out.loud to be seen by men
- pray meaningless repetitions
- put on a gloomy face  and neglect your appearance to get attention about the fact that you are fasting

If you do the dos, you won't have to worry about the donts.
Your Father who sees you in secret will reward you openly (v18b)

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