Saturday, April 7, 2012

Fasting: Dethroning King Stomach

We've already established that fasting, praying and giving are duties of a Christian, so why is it that the fasting portion has been neglected? Even though fasting is not only about food, this post will focus on fasting from natural food. Could it be that food has been the issue since creation? God had Adam and Eve on a partial fast, they could eat anything they wanted except from the tree of good and evil (Genesis 2:8,9 & 16,17) but they broke the fast and cancelled out the promises God had for them..... for an apple... Jentezen Franklin remarks that "They ate themselves out of the will of God for their lives!" Could this be true in our lives?

King Stomach needs to be dethroned, don't let a cookie talk you out if an intimate relationship with God. This may seem like a mental willpower game (and partially it is) but discipline is a spiritual force. There won't be a convenient time to fast, just do it! Of course you can't abstain in your own natural will but if God sees that you have a genuine desire to fast, He will provide you with the grace to endure.

Other examples of gluttony destroying lives:

1. Account of Sodom and Gomorrah (Ezekiel 16:49, 50) - the issue was not just about homosexuality but overeating, pride and idleness
2. Esau sold his birthright for food! (Genesis 25: 27-34; Hebrews 12: 15-17) - Esau was hungry and Jacob convinced him to exchange his inheritance for red lentils and bread and he impulsively agreed.
3. Complaining about manna, where is the meat? (Numbers 11:4-7, 18-20, 34) - God sent an abundance of meat, many people died while the meat was in their mouths! They were buried in the "Grave of Lusters" - a memorial of those who ate themselves out of the Promised Land!

Our lust for food and immediate gratification can be dangerous. Dethrone King Stomach. See my post on discipline and diligence - how can you defeat devils if you can't defeat a donut?

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