Friday, April 13, 2012

Fasting - The Advantage

While fasting may move you from obscurity to open doors, provide blessings you wont have room to receive, fasting is much more that receiving physical things from God. There are spiritual anointings that are released as a result of this increased intimacy with God. Your private fasting will allow for God to reward you openly. You may receive the anointing to heal the sick, raise the dead or cure the leper! This is not an exaggeration. Its scriptural. (Read Matthew 10:8)

Lets add balance:
+ Fasting is not a way to manipulate God to do something on your behalf but
- It is a reasonable service that God rewards openly

It all boils down to motives! Even though your motive is intimacy with God, there are other results.

- When fasting is a lifestyle, poverty will not be
- Health and healing will follow
- Addictions and demonic powers will be broken
- A generational curse will be broken and the generation blessing will replace the curse!

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