Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A New Way to Pray

If God rested on the 7th day, that's means He is no longer "moving" or orchestrating things to work on our behalf. This is because He already did everything that He will ever do since the foundation of the world. Everything we ever needed, need or will need has been taken care of since Creation! When sin came in the world, God sent His Son and Jesus died on the cross leaving His last words, "It is finished".

With that in mind, shouldn't we pray differently? Instead of hoping and praying that something works on in our favor, shouldn't we thank God that it's already taken care of and just wait/rest patiently for the manifestation?

{Picture taken on Sunday 4/15/2012 at Battery Park - notice the eagle spreading its wings?}

My prayers have changed from "Lord, I really need you to work out this situation for me today" to "Lord, thank you so much that you have already worked out this issue".

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