Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Faith in the Finished Work!

Minister Phillip Baker taught an awesome message on “Faith in the Finished Work” – the essence of the message is that everything we ever need from God has already been done, we just need to believe! Here are the highlights:
- Abraham is the Father of faith because He believed God
- God is El-Shaddai ~ He is everything I will ever need!
- God works in the supernatural realm. What He did in Abraham and Sarah’s lives was humanly and naturally impossible but with God, all things are possible.
- God has my back! It doesn’t matter what I am capable of doing. If God isn’t involved, it is merely a successful failure!
- My confidence is in God and what He did, not what I can or cannot do.
- In every circumstance, I keep my eyes focused on Jesus. He is my Source. He is the center of my life.
- Faith is a lifestyle, not a movement!

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