Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Plans... A false sense of security pt 1

In this blog link To a mouse, Katie elaborates on a concept I have shared with many people....which only few agree with.

So how do I (the cynical, the realistic optimist) feel about plans? I do understand that there is a difference between plans and goals but we must admit that there is some overlap. Here is how I feel about plans...they are great for providing a false sense of security. One might say (and by one I mean YOU) that maybe these plans fail because they are unrealistic. Regardless of how realistic a plan/goal may be the fact that it is intended for an unsure future, there is a huge potential for "flop" or failure.

We could rework the way we think. Instead of shopping before and planning all the clothes we will wear on our next vacation, why dont we just shop when we get there?

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