Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Fasting is spiritual and physical

Author Jentezen enlightens us that "fasting is a constant means of renewing yourself spiritually". It allows you to escape from the monotonous routines of life and you are literally offering yourself to God as a living sacrifice!

I've noticed in my own life that there is a parallel between my physical and spiritual life. "Fasting stirs a hunger in your spirit that goes deeper than the temporary hunger you experience in the flesh"

Consider for a moment the person who eats tons of junk food on a daily basis, this person is malnourished because even though they are obese, they have not been eating the right thing. In the same way, we can be overloaded with church activities and still be undernourished concerning your real relationship with God! Fasting can reverse this! Matthew 5:6 states "Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be filled"


Man, did I work for today's pay! After my work day ended, I just sat and stared for a while. I was so tired! Upon gaining a bit of strength, I headed over to Union Square to meet Adrienne for dinner at a mediterranean restaurant Nanoosh. The food was delicious.

To top it all off after we fed our physical bodies, we went to Bible Study to feed our spirits. We heard a refreshing Word on faith. I always thought that my faith could "move" God to do something. He would realize that my trust in Him was unshakeable and work on my behalf as my reward. Sounds a tad bit manipulative, no? This is how it is...
- God made the the foundations of the earth
- On the seventh day after creation, He rested because He was finished, not because He was tired!
- Everything that I ever needed, need or will need was taken care of during creation!
- He is no longer moving or working, He already moved and worked on everything He ever will move or work on and He is seated
- Jesus came as a demonstration that we are in covenant with God and we need to enter into the same rest that God entered in on the Sabbath day
- Jesus is the Sabbath, the rest that we should enter in; it's not about the day you worship, the food you eat or drink, the moon or the sun, Jesus is the REST
- My job as a Christian is to believe it (whatever I need) is already done and thank God for this while using my faith to take hold of the promises of the finished work
- Working or using faith is an indication of my unbelief and an inability to enter the rest
- Jesus finished HIS work  and right before He died on the cross, He reminded us " It is finished"

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