Sunday, April 15, 2012

21st Century idolatry

Idolatry is commonly thought of as worshipping pagan or created gods. While this definition is not incorrect, its surely incomplete. When you view things at surface level, it is easy to be blindsided. In Taffi Dollar's "Your Spiritual Makeover" we learn that "worshipping idols can be much more subtle." Simply because it means giving our devotion to that.

Anything tha distracts us from God or pulls us away from Him is an idol. Has sports, social networking, mates, work taken the place of God? What's your first priority? This is not to condemn you, let's talk about me...

One of my favorite people in this world is a guy I have known for a really long time. We've had bouts in our relationship where we would speak several times a week to once in a while to every opportunity we received (which was quite often!) I would wake up thinking about him, talk to him throughout the day, rush home to be in a quiet place to talk to him, he would be the last person I spoke to before going to bed and tg then I would think about him before falling asleep. I know that I love him so it seemed natural that He would be on my mind but my devotion to him was unhealthy because he was my first priority. He captured my heart, mind and attention. I realized that I crowned him King in my life so I needed to make the necessary adjustments. I still love Him. I just need to be balanced and make sure that I dont love him more than I love Him!

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