Saturday, February 11, 2012

Wicked Favor

Monique's birthday was approaching and she tells me that for four years, she wanted to see Wicked- Broadway's musical based on the Wizard of Oz.

The show rarely offers great discounts as the show gets sold out every week on its own! We go on the prowl for tickets with our only choices being Orchestra seats for $149 or premium seats for $262!

We release our faith that we will be able to find the tickets at a reasonable price. The play was scheduled for Friday 8pm.

Friday after work, Monique signs up for the lottery to be one of 25 people who win discounted tickets. I call to find out where she is and she responds "rush to the box office, I am two people from being next in line".

I race two blocks to meet her. By the time I arrived, she was already at the front of the line. I walk over to sign my name for the lottery and the attendant informs me that I am one minute away from the lottery drawing. I sign my name on an index card and jokingy ask "should I make a special mark so you can identify my card easily?" He didn't get the joke. We discuss the situation and agree that we are prepared to purchase tickets for $149.

We stand with bated breath as he begins to call names. I begin to pray and remind God that "the just shall live by faith and I am extending my faith for these tickets!"

The attendant explains the rules and begins to call out the names quickly...Phillip, Tina, James, .....,he pauses, Rose-Anne Angus!!!!

We scream with excitement, run to the line and celebrate not only the fact that we got tickets but that these tickets cost $26.25 each and are promised to be good seats!!! We won the lottery and paid a tiny fraction of the face value!!!

Praise God! We head over to Starbucks, have dessert and a drink then stop by Times Square Church and minutes later we were preparing to see Wicked!

Once we entered the theater, we were ushered to the center to be issued a playbill. We are directed to the front of the theater, our tickets were front row seats with unobstructed view!

Ok the play is about to begin!

Time to go back to reality!

Now that's wicked favor!

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