Sunday, February 12, 2012

Whitney Houston- You were loved

I was in church last night and at the end of the service, my pastor invited people to receive a relationship with God. He did not offer it as a get out of hell free card or fire insurance card against hell but as a way to live heaven on earth and then when you die, get the real deal of heaven. Seconds after I received several text messages that Whitney died. Whitney had a relationship with God so regardless of the choices she made on earth, I know she accepted Christ and that is the formula for going to heaven. Clearly the choices we make determine the life we have on earth. Instead of trying to determine what the cause of her death was or judging her for the decisions she made, let us continue to celebrate her and learn from her life.

Whitney was preparing for her world tour and she started off in South Korea's Olympic Park in 2010.

I feel like it was just a few weeka ago that I was enjoying the sound of Whitney's voice and now she is gone. Gone but not forgotten.

Lessons Learned
1. Value people while they are on earth and celebrate them while they are alive
2. Live your life so that you can make it to heaven and meet all the people you thought you lost
3. Live your life as if there is no tomorrow (but consequences for today) - dont go crazy with that!

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