Sunday, February 12, 2012

Soul Breach: the downward spiral

Warning: You are in a safe place about to read a potentially dangerous message.
Disclaimer: this message is referring to Christians

Perversion is producing outside of your nature. If an apple tree produces oranges, the tree is perverse. Perversion does not only relate to sexual impurity but since that is the most common usage lets talk about it ;)

The four forms of sexual perversion are fornication, pornography, adultery and homosexuality.

The Downward Spiral
1. Eros love has been plagued by selfishness and a desire for immediate gratification.
2.  People feel insecure, lonely or crave love so they settle for the cheap imitation of love. Without realizing (or sometimes intentional), that you are tearing down another person who was searching for love and security but instead they received a one night stand. The result being a more intense feeling of loneliness, insecurity and a newly broken heart to deal with.
3. Guys need to add credibility so instead of qualifying based on their quality, they opt to quantify how many females they have slept with.

This soul breach is a result of no fear for God, not respecting Him enough to obey and do what pleases Him.

The Way Out
There is grace that will forgive you and enable you to renew your mind and change your thoughts and lustful desires. (Grace is a person, its Jesus!)
You are a created god created by the Creator God. You have the power on the inside of you to abstain from wrong emotional decisions.

The reason this message does not apply to non-believers is because sinners are supposed to sin. Thats what they do. It's their nature! Now if you are interested in being in God's Kingdom system, welcome. Come just as you are and He will bring you up a notch until you are a cut above the rest ;)

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