Thursday, February 2, 2012

Chap 1 (The Hole in Our Gospel)

Hole a hallowed place in something solid

Our gospel has been narrowed to a simple get out of hell free card transaction. Evangelism has diminished to a prayer and saving people from the consequences of the next life. But what about this life? What happened to making a mark in people's lives' that can never be erased? Or blessed to be a blessing until all the families on the earth are blessed.

So great now you are saved because you accepted Jesus, you know Jesus loves you and you wont go to hell. But you are still hungry, marginalized, downtrodden, broke, busted, disgusted, arrogant, greedy or selfish. Where is the fruit? The change? The result?

Why are we selling fire insurance instead of a life of impact and abundance (fulfillment in every area of life)? Whats with the watered down version of the gospel (good news)? Did that participate in the recession? Why has the gospel reduced to laws and formulas?

Quote from p18
""God's love was intended to be demonstrated not dictated. Our job is not to induce or manipulate people to embrace Christianity. Our charge is to both proclaim and.embody the gospel so that others can see, hear and feel God's love in tangible ways."

The gospel means more than salvation of individuals but a social revolution. Its not a movement but a lifestyle.

God is concerned about the spiritual, social and physical dimensions of our being. The gospel should be and is the power to change the world.

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