Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Never a dull moment on the A train

From the comedian to the DVD hustler, dancers to the homeless guy or candy man, there is always someone soliciting. When it is not about money (or entertainment, someone is upset that they got pushed on a crowded train.

So this guy comes on the train with either a ventriloquist act or maybe just a speech impediment but all his words were garbled but somehow distinctly able to be deciphered. Actually, it was kinda cool.

Then in plain English he says "you know sometimes I feel yall dont like homeless people but thats ok because thats your right. Everyone has a right to vote and do what they want. Those are your rights. I dont want anyone to feel like I am taking that away or forcing you to give but if you would like to out of the kindness of your heart then please do so."

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