Saturday, February 11, 2012

Holiness redefined

What is holiness?
Holiness has been defined as sanctification and purification and means separation from certain things. You can be separated from something and still not live in holiness. If that were the case, then the Pharisees or hippies would be holy because they separated from certain foods, ideas, etc.

Real Holiness
Holiness is imitating your Father- the way He thinks, talks and acts.

Religious Myths
Religion has led people astray to work hard to be holy by doing things in their own efforts and separate from certain things. Religion has told women not to wear makeup, shorts or sleeveless. Not to relax hair or wear earrings. Religion has condemned (not convicted) men for looking at women or made them believe even shaking a womans' hand is an act of perversion.Religion has taught people that holiness means not eating certain foods, not helping people because its the Sabbath and not showing any skin.

The Real Deal
If you will imitate God you will find yourself separating from things  God stated that our ways and thoughts.are different from His but He urges us to come up a notch. Get to where God is!

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