Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My faith is in an unchangeable force!

Signs of a good Christian
* wakes up early to pray
* reads the Bible/makes confessions
* sings praise and worship songs

What if one day I wake up late to pray?
What if I haven't read the Bible in a week?
What happens if I don't sing songs and praise God?

Does that make me less of a Christian or less righteous? The law is used to accuse Christians. Jesus came with truth and grace. We must put our faith in something more powerful that ourselves.

The Law of Double Jeopardy
You cannot be charged with the same crime twice.
Jesus was already condemned and charged with my sins. I cannot go on trial for my sins because they have already been taken care of!!!

I do not have to be anxious or lack peace because of my doings or lack thereof. My faith is in an unchangeable force! Now thats living life to the fullest!

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