Sunday, February 12, 2012

How to be saved - A New Life in Grace

Why do people go to hell?
Murder? Adultery? Homosexuality?

Nope: Not believing that God exists, that His son died and rose again. Believing is the first step of salvation and accepting Jesus. That was a gift from God. People go to hell for rejecting the gift.

Religion is all talk and no belief.  Relationship involves truly believing.  The way to heaven - only believe. The way to heaven on earth - love the Lord with all your heart. What would you do differently if you loved God?

Scripture References
Ephesians 2 - by nature we are disobedient and sinful but because God is rich in mercy, we are saved by grace through faith. God's gift to us is salvation.
Romans 5:2 - we have access to God's grace by faith
1 Peter 1:23 - we were saved by the word of God

How does a sinner who has no faith or God get saved?
A pastor teaches the Word. The Word of faith is deposited in the heart and one believes. God gave us His faith so we can get saved by His grace and have the manifestation of salvation.

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