Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I am going to kick your ....

So this picture came in handy much faster than I thought it would. I went to a kickboxing class for the first time today and I just went home in my workout clothes.

While I was looking at the pictures taken today, there is a guy driving at the speed I am walking and trying to hold a conversation. Eventually he parks his car and starts a conversation "I dont want you to get offended because I am talking to you from my car, but dont think I am a criminal, crook or anything like that"

But then he stands really close to me as I am walking so I show him my phone and he backs away and asks me if I am a boxer and if I am like Laila Ali.

Then he starts a really ridiculous convo which I killed really quickly...

Random guy: so what kind of mood are you in, good, bad, ok?
Me: I am always in a good mood
Random guy: Oh you must have a good sign, what are you Aquarius, ge...
Me: No, Christian
Random guy: oh you gonna invite me to church? I have a lot of suits
Me: You can wear jeans if you want

He slows down because he is concerned about his car that is parked with the ignition running and I walk off.

Guys dont be weirdos, just have a decent conversation.

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