Saturday, September 24, 2011

You don't look Indian...

I walk into a store to purchase a phone card to call India. The conversation goes a little like this

Me: Good Morning, may I have a phone card to call India please?
Owner: (smiles, looks at me) You don't look Indian
Me: Well, that's because I am not. Where are you from?
Owner: Bangladesh, you call boyfriend?
Me: No, my friend, which one do you use to call Bangladesh
Owner: (names out a few, I make a selection, pay) This one is good, gives me almost an hour
Me: Ok (skeptical), thanks
Owner: Yea, you don't look Indian

Lol, I leave the store smiling but I cpuld have said, well you dont look Jamaican!

Now for those of you who also think like this man, where does this curly haired black chic know an Indian from?

Well, if you must know, I do live in a very cosmopolitan international city referred to as a cultural melting pot. But... we met in China actually!

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