Sunday, September 4, 2011

One Day..........

My best friend always relayed to me how annoying lukewarm Christians were. We both have a passion for people who are passionate so the rationale, in brief, is that if you profess something you should live a life that exemplifies it; you should be "sold out" to whatever system/choice you make.

What I love about my best friend is that transparency and constructive criticism played a huge role in our friendship. I realized in my own life that I was operating in the Kingdom's way of doing things, as well as the world's way of doing things. The conversation challenged me to take my profession to another level and choose a side, without feeling like I was being judged. So as I am sitting in church I am being encouraged to stay committed to God's way of doing things. I mean, how can I say that I trust God but at the first sign of trouble, I become anxious? Come out of the closet Christians! :) I choose the Kingdom of God!

So after an awesome night at church; Ellen, Tracy and I walked over to Times Square to watch Anne Hathaway's and Jim Sturgess' One Day. The story line seemed all too familiar to say the least. I recommend seeing it.

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