Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Worry is pointless

Worry is wasted mental energy!

Situation: I wanted something to happen but I had no control over it. I provided all the tools and information necessary to make it happen and then I left it alone. Of course, if said thing didn't happen, I would be disappointed, but if it happened, then I would have wasted time worrying that it was not going to happen; and if it didn't happen, I started being disappointed too early ~ more wasted time!
After considering this, I sent an e-mail to Linda who was considering a similar situation

Title: Moments of Clarity

I don’t believe in being very forceful, I think that’s very unattractive. I don’t believe in being secretive and expecting people to read my mind, I think that’s very immature. What I do believe in is a balance. I present my feelings, expectations to people very openly, I provide all the information necessary to execute and from there I allow nature to take its course. I do not worry because that doesn't change anything (except of course your life expectancy rate ~ a decrease)

While this was not a revelation (I always knew that worrying was pointless), it certainly changed my perspective and now I just do what I need to do and say "c'est la vie, what is meant to be will be."

By the way ~ this particular situation worked out better than I could have planned it!

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  1. i agree with this 100%. things shud happen naturally. and once we foster circumstances which would facilitate our desired outcomes, then we jus need to leave it and allow it to happen (or not happen). all things work together for good...