Friday, October 19, 2012


My coworker has repeatedly invited me to take kickboxing classes and while exercising is the bane of my existence, I actually like kickboxing so if I am free, I will go. Tuesdays and Friday work for her but I would never commit on Friday. I wouldn't want to cancel on her if something better came up so I would just avoid Fridays altogether. Isn't that odd?!

I realized that I fear making decisions because I don't want to make the wrong decision or I would just be non-chalant about decisions

I am an extrovert and enjoy being surrounded by people, so it was very hard to decipher that I am a commitment phobe.:

  • I cringe at two year phone plan commitments and look forward to my contract to be over
  • I did not renew my apartment lease (My apartment lease ended February 2012 so I asked my landlord to allow me to live on a month to month lease even though I did not have any immediate plans to leave!) 
  • I avoid making plans on weekends with people outside of my circle

The truth is I am afraid I will make the wrong decision so I choose not to decide ~ which is in fact a decision (deciding not to decide). Janet Finch says "I know it feels like you have all these options and when you make a decision, you lose a world of possibilities. But the reality is, until you make a decision, you have nothing at all."

Starting immediately I will not fear making decisions because God has not given me a spirit of fear but of power and a sound mind! I will rely on the wisdom that is within me.

Wisdom is knowing what to do when you don't know what to do!

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