Monday, October 15, 2012


I tried to find a quote that would shed some wisdom on unmet expectations but I did not. I didn't realize how ironic that was until I wrote it. My expectation was to find something about unmet expectations and my expectations were unmet.

My friend recently received a package from an unknown sender, she thought long and hard, called a few people and no one owned up to sending the package so she figured out who it could be. Her analysis came from a logical position (process of elimination) and a deep desire to be right. Two days later, the sender revealed himself and boy was she disappointed. She is someone I truly care about so I felt bad for her and within a matter of days I was able to relate to her on a personal level.

I was expecting a call from a friend who was visiting NY for a few days. My phone rang and it was a call from an unknown number, the biggest smile came across my face and I sweetly answered the phone, it was not who I expected it to be. The next day, the same thing happened and I gave the same response with equal excitement. It was an old friend, but not the one I was hoping to hear from. Immediately I felt guilty, I was so disappointed that it was not who I wanted it to be that I didn't even bother to extend a warm greeting. I quickly ended the call and promised to call back after work.

What can we learn from this? Should you continue to expect the best at the risk of being continually disappointed? Overly optimistic. Should you curb your expectation to prevent yourself from being disappointed? Isn't that a bit pessimistic?  Or should you just realize that life will have moments that live up to your expectations and others that don't ~ is that more realistic?

I'm deciding to just drink the water...

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