Wednesday, October 31, 2012

I think, therefore I am

  • Whenever someone asks me my sign, I would respond "the cross". I know I am being facetious because I knew they really meant my astrological sign. I don't like telling people my sign because it leads them to make rash generalizations about me without getting to know me. My sister, Melanie is heavily interested in astrology. 
  • I was listening to a message from Pastor Bill Winston and he commented that astrology is stated all over the Bible from Mary - the virgin (Virgo) to Leo the Lion, etc. This piqued my interest. In my Google search bar, I entered biblical astrology - while I still think a lot of the information is overly vague, I found some of the following very interesting. 

    • Gemini Motto: "I think, therefore I am."
    • Gemini Careers: Communication (all means), information, inquiry, journalism, linguists, language, literature, broadcasting, writing, manuscripts, novelists, speaking, radio, engineers, television, publishing, printing, transportation, reporting, telephones, stories, office machines, post offices, river transportation, telegrams, telegraphs, telephones, trains, commercial travelers, travel agents, local travel, truck drivers, typewriters, wireless, writers, stenographers
    • Gemini Character Traits: Intelligence, intellect, expressiveness, eloquence, trickiness, idealism, studious, inquiring mind, ambition, resourcefulness, dexterity, tolerance, courage, generosity, sympathy, temperance, liberalism, versatile, changeable

    • Abundance and Prosperity
      GEMINI MONEY: Gemini's are the wheeler-dealers of the zodiac because they are the chameleon's of the zodiac. They thrive on excitement, change, variety and happen to be very cunning and crafty in order to get what they want or to make a sale. They make excellent sales people. When Gemini is placed in the middle of a party, they are looking for an opportunity within all of those personalities. Those at the party are not just people, they are contacts! Gemini is not only two people in one, they have the ability to morph into whatever they need to be in order to seize the opportunity. This comes in quite handy when creating money. By the way, Gemini's will definitely push the envelope to success and rarely will you see them cross the not-so-cool line.
      When it comes to handling money, they certainly live up to the youthness of their sign. They rarely worry about where their next dollar will originate. This optimistic and charismatic personality will certainly lead to something Good and they thrive on that way of thinking. It has to be Good. Rarely will you hear about a Gemini balancing their checkbook. Isn't that was ATM's are for . . to check your bank balance? Gemini has to have spontaneity and change in their Life, which is why you will rarely see a Gemini retire from a job that they were at after 20 years. Showing them your retirement plaque after 20 years will make them shutter and they will reall be thinking, "Thank God I didn't do that!" If Gemini is bored with their job, you can definitely count on them leaving for something better. And it will be better.
      If anyone can find a way to create more money, it is a Gemini. They have so many money making schemes up their sleeve that they are never out of Good ideas because they never plan to go without. Money is only necessary to get them to the place that they desire to be. They will work hard for their money because it will buy them a plane ticket to fun and adventure. Money is necessary for them to play. Gemini's are excited about the financial journey and not necessary the money itself. Gemini's are looking for financial freedom . . and their freedom means everything to them. Money is simply a means to an end.
      Many Gemini's are entrepreneurs because clocking into a regular job will just wear them out mentally. Gemini needs freedom and flexibility in their job because they know that they can count on themselves to provide what they need. Being limited by someone else telling them how much money they can make (a paycheck) does not rhyme with their spirit. Gemini needs unlimited possibility in their job. This is why jobs that are freelance or a job with commission will work well for them. It's all about flexibility. Gemini always has an ace up their sleeve and can always make more money in a pinch.

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