Monday, October 1, 2012

Ro learns French

My friend Linda speaks French fluently, came to visit me today and I told her that I wanted her to sing a song with me because I was pretty confident that I was butchering the pronunciation.

Enjoy the French-English translation of “Helene je m’appelle Helene”

We get to this line:

And she sings “je vujtrais” but I sing “je vudray”. I promptly stop the video to inquire where she saw a “t” in the word “voudrais”. She explains to me how it should be pronounced. I guess the best explanation is when you have a dry cough and you are inflicted with excess phlegm that you need to eliminate.

Linda: voudrais
Ro: voudrais
Linda: keep saying it, you will get it
Ro: voudrais
Linda: let me say it again, it will come
Ro: what are all these words in the future, what do you mean “it will come?” It came! I am saying it (in my head, not only am I saying exactly what she is saying but I am probably saying it better!)

She blurts out laughing and I insist that she watches the video below of the Friends episode of Phoebe trying to teach Joey how to speak French - must watch (special thanks to Daniel for showing me this clip!)

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  1. LOL! Je voudrais... it will come my dear. i promise