Wednesday, October 3, 2012

2/3 - Work :( | Priya :) | Church :)

Today was by far, potentially the second worse day of my current career. Nothing major happened, but a number of minor things happened including blame shifts, unsupportive management and my vacation request to attend a wedding being denied. It was also the last day on a project I worked on for the past few months. I was counting down the minutes to 5:30 PM. Immediately as the clock turned, Ro made like Elvis and left the building.

And then I met up with Priya. The first word that comes to mind when I think of Priya is sage. She is filled with little gems of wisdom. She always sheds a new perspective on situations. We were supposed to meet the previous week but we had to take a literal rain check. We met up very briefly because we were both operating on the NY agenda with back to back engagements but we wanted to see each other for how long we could spare. Now that I think about it, I hope I didn't drain her because I walked in feeling like crap and left feeling inspired. Where did all that energy go?

After we parted, I went to refuel. I am like a car who goes to church to fill up on fuel. The message was very encouraging. A guest speaker from Colorado, Pastor John Bevere taught a message on Daniel, the fear of the Lord and focused on the truism "getting wisdom is the principle thing"

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  1. you are beautiful and far from being drained i am smiling and feeling wonderful! let's do brunch girl x