Friday, October 5, 2012

Face your fears

I got home around 6:30 PM and quickly settled in to read an email that I had been anticipating. The e-mail was not disturbing because I was told something that I did not know, but because it confirmed something I already knew ~ that I hoped was not true or had changed. So what did I do? Sleep. I admit that sleep as a coping mechanism is not ideal but it sure beats drowning my problems into a bottle or glass of alcohol. No judgment :)

The shocking thing I realized is.... not only was the e-mail still there when I woke up but so was the problem! OK fine, it wasn't shocking but I decided that I needed to face my fear. I responded to the email very transparently and I felt a huge relief for a few reasons:
- I was honest with the recipient
- I was honest with myself
- I had a clearer understanding of the problem and the solution
- I realized that I lived as if life were an emergency and it's truly not

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