Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Hole in Our Gospel

Gospel means "good news" but sometimes when it is presented, it doesn't sound that way. It usually ranges from some scare tactic extreme like "Repent, God is coming, get your life right or you will go to a burning hell" or some pacified version of the truth like "accept Jesus in your life and you will never have another problem".

The gospel has been portrayed as a judgmental yardstick for exposing other people's flaws. Christians have been known to be the most intolerant, judgmental group of people. Is this what Jesus imagined or intended?

The good news Jesus proclaimed was that justice would be restored, the blind would receive sight, those hungry would be fed, the downtrodden would be lifted up, brokenhearted comforted, oppressed liberated and the gospel preached to the poor.

Have you embraced the gospel as
1. A revoluntionary truth that is truly good news for a broken world? Or...
2. A diminished idea that's been reduced to a personal transaction with God, with little power to change anything outside your own heart?

There is a hole in our gospel that needs to be filled, if you do your part, it can be the whole gospel.


  1. I completely agree. People misread the part about Christianity being a personal relationship with God, as a personal journey with no outward evidence. The evidence is the fruits of the Spirit manifested not just with close others, but the World!

  2. I am in agreement with you. The gospel has been portrayed in a wrong way. Pastor gave an example of how some people has poorly portrayed our church "Gospel" to others. He said pay your bills, keep your word, show up on time, be patient with people and treat people right. The answer to this problem is love. Having an understanding of the definition of love will solve a lot of problems. If what you are doing is not benefiting others in words or action, it is not love and needs to be stopped. The good news Roseanne describe is all about love, doing things that benefit others. The Gospel that I have accepted is the Gospel that brings life to a broken world. Jesus said I have come that you might have life and have it more abundantly, too the full, till it overflow. Overcoming life, overflowing life, victorious life, the winning life, the ever increasing life and the successful life. This is the gospel that the world needs. If we will only show the world what a gospel we have, a lot more people will embrace it. In addition to showing people what a life we have in Christ Jesus, fellow Christians need to learn about this life, this new life need's to be preached and that's the only way they will not portray the gospel the way they have done.