Sunday, March 4, 2012

March Mania

March has been progressing nicely as I continue to work on myself in the areas of diligence and discipline. Saturday promised to be a pretty busy day with plans to attend the New York Times Travel Show with Nicole in the morning, ministry engagements at 2PM and then church right after. My sister from Connecticut informed me that she was headed to NYC. I met up with her and I spent time with my nieces who I missed so much. We spent about two hours together and I had enough time to grab a beef patty and catch my breath.

After a long but fulfilling day at church, I hopped on the Queensbound train to Astoria. Ladi met me by the train station, I ordered one of my favorite Indian dishes (vindaloo - potatoes in a yummy sauce), then we headed to her place. We ate, talked, watched TV, talked some more and then she started asking me if I was ready to go to bed. I told her I wanted to watch one more episode. Soon after I fell asleep and she persuaded me to go into the room but I convinced her that I was just taking a "15 minute nap" and around 1am, I would get ready for bed.

At 6am, I woke up on Ladika's couch still wearing my outfit from the night before. The last thing I remembered was laughing out loud (literally) to Big Bang Theory and basking in my decision to spend the night at her house. I woke up, "prepared for bed" and crawled into her bed. We talked for a while and then we both fell asleep. A few hours later, I arose from my slumber and we made plans to go to breakfast. Around 1PM, we started watching the Knicks v Celtics game and at 1:30PM, we pranced into Mike's Diner for "breakfast".

I loved the pace of the day, we were not rushed, we were not working on a particular schedule, we just did things as it pleased us. Ladi grabbed some Starbucks and then we headed to 5th Ave and blended with the tourists. Our first stop was Tiffany's - the famous jewelry store.
We didn't need a rhyme or reason to go into Tiffany's but we quickly selected the rings we wanted. I chose the Princess Cut in the prong setting and I was quite surprised that my ring size was only a 4! I thought I was at least a 5. Ladi chose the gorgeous Tiffany Bezet.

Later we met up with a few girls who were having brunch at Hotel Andaz on 41st St and 5th Ave. Monique, Gwendolyn, {Osato, Iman, Louise, Joy - in the picture}
We said our goodbyes to the gals, then Ladi and I continued to stroll around New York City, in and out of stores and ultimately into Nanoosh for delicious Mediterranean food then to Strand Bookstore. If work were not such a major interference in our life, I would have stayed out later, but by 8:40PM, I was Brooklyn bound and Ladi headed back to the east side to catch her train to Astoria. I love Ladika!

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