Thursday, March 29, 2012

Beauty Beyond Measure

A part of living life to the fullest includes knowing who you are and being content with that person. Real beauty cannot be measured, it is not your size, weight, height, length of your hair or eyelashes. Clearly, the media can affect someone’s perspective of beauty, value and self-worth so let's learn about some of the tactics used.
In the following video Models are Made, Australian Stephan Bollinger demonstrates three major steps that transform a regular girl to a supermodel. The steps are professional hair and makeup; lights and angles (ever got all prepped and primmed by a makeup artist, look into the mirror and you look amazing and then you go outside into natural light and realize you look like a clown with all that red blush or you try the exact combination at home with your regular bathroom light and don't have the same effect? It's all about lighting); and Photoshop and retouching.

Granted, some people are just more photogenic than others- it is what it is. The point is do not compare yourself to the “made up” version of anyone. Work with what you have and love you!
Here are some of my own pictures (just in my bathroom, no retouching or special lighting, etc)

Now let's see the power of Angle. Notice my cheekbones in the side profile?
Angle: notice how much taller and slimmer I look in this picture...

 ...than I do in these two? All taken on the same day!

Professional hair and makeup ; Photoshop and Retouching

(Look how much lighter my face looks in the green dress- so not my real complexion!)

Watch these enlightening videos on how models are made, the power of make-up and celebrity before and after pictures

Dove Self-Esteem Video: Evolution


Power of Photoshop - notice how the shape of someone's face and can be altered!

The Power of Make-up

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