Saturday, July 28, 2012

Why I choose not to sin...

There is no physical restraint on a Christian any more than there is for a non Christian so this must be a moral restriction. Restriction has been used as a negative connotation, but lets consider this for a moment.

For a fish to live a full free life, it must be "restricted" or contained in the boundary of water. If you try to give a fish freedom by taking it out of water and allowing it to frolick freely on land, we achieve an adverse effect as the fish will die. So restrictions and boundaries aren't so bad at all, right? Similarly, I choose to live by the guidelines of the scriptures because they work out best for me.

I can do anything I want because I do not live under a law or fear that God will "strike" me or send me to hell (besides God does not send people to hell, people choose to go there by their decisions). I am a free agent, allowed to do as I please with my life and my freewill. The difference is even though everything is permissible, not everything is beneficial! (1 Corinthians 10:23) God promised that He will never be angry with me (Isaiah 54:9), should I continue to sin so that grace will abound?(Romans 6:1) Should I take advantage of someone's love and mercy for me? My decisions are not so that I can look holy or impress God, so why dont I indulge in all of the worldly pleasures?

1. My heart will condemn me
Regret is the hardest thing for me to live with and everytime I hurt someone it bothers me and I feel guilty. Guilt, hurt and shame eat away at someone's soul and heart, its poisonous!
2. The short lived pleasures are not worth the repurcussions and eternal consequences.
If I murder someone, it may bring the pleasure of revenge, but the time in prison,the eventual regret, aftermath, disgrace to my family and the pain caused to the family of the victim is not worth it!
3. I love you too much to tempt you or allow you to partake in my sins. As a result, I try to make my life a living testimony/epistle. I dont want to be a walking contradiction.
4.God loves me and He is merciful to me, I will not take that for granted. I receive His love, His grace which not only covers my sins but empowers me not to sin as well as takes away the desire for said sin.
5. I need faith and boldness when I approach God, if I feel ashamed and guilty, I will want to avoid Him but I need Him and desire fellowship with Him so I keep my conscience clear.

God will never be angry with you (

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