Monday, July 16, 2012

Coney Island w/ T

I love summer, I am usually a tourist 24/7 but during the summer, I explore! 

T and I went to Coney Island, we found perfect parking right by the Cyclones. 
 We started the feast with hot dogs from Nathan

 Then we walked over to the beach which was surprisingly clean!

 The plan was to just walk on the sand for a bit then head back to the boardwalk but I could not resist.

OK I am back now... 

T & I 
 Then I became fascinated with the rocks, so T and I had a photo shoot

 Statue of Liberty pose

 The View

Time for funnel cake

Then we saw this guy and all I wanted was a picture...he said put it around your neck, I said no... I told him to put it on my arms but he said it was too happy. He kept walking towards me saying, move your hair, I will put it around your neck, I said no as I moved back, he said it again and I moved back some more and said no, he said it again and I lift up my hair off my neck, said nooooo as I lowered my head for him to put the Colombian Boa Constrictor around my neck.

 T cringed as she took pictures, I was half screaming, half smiling

It didn't feel as gross as I thought it would but that sucker started to constrict and I said "ok, take it back now!"

 Song in the background: SummerTime

We watched a few minutes of Woody Allen's Manhattan while we ate Italian ices and sipped on slushies

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