Friday, July 27, 2012

This is "bloggable"

I run out to catch my 5:56am bus, I must have forgotten how close I live because I get to the bus stop two minutes later and I have about a 20 minute wait. I decided that I will take the 5:35am bus. A cab driver pulls up and I decline his offer. Cabs to JFK are upwards of $30, I was early for my 8am flight so I decided to wait. Then the compelling offer came "I have to go to the airport anyways, so I will take you for $10" Say no more, Im in!

Get to the airport at 5:58, checked in at the kiosk, boarding is at 6:15am, flt leaves at 6:45am, the security line is long up the wazu (that means very long lol)
I get on line, the line moves dramatically and by 6:15am, I am already checked by TSA.

I walk over to New Orleans counter and they are almost finished boarding and have started the final call boarding announcements. At ten minutes before the flight, people continue to trickle in for the flight. There is one seat left and the customer agent calls a name, but they are traveling as a pair and dont want to split. She then utters the sweet words "Rose-Anne Angus"

She confirms that there is no one in 22A and invites me on the plane. Four minutes to departure, I am all settled in and headed to New Orleans. Destination determined, destiny unknown.

Living by faith is a lifestyle, not a movement. I walk by faith and not by sight.

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