Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Pick up Lines

I am so over these corny lines and people telling me what to do. Some guys seem to think that telling you what to do is the perfect segue into a conversation. They will tell me things like "smile" or "come here". The one who told me to smile actually irritated me because I was deep in thought and besides I dont like being told what to do! Then I was walking into a store and a guy said "hey, come over here" I couldnt just ignore it, so I stopped and said "really?! has that ever worked for you in the past?" What kind of girl is he messing with?
Last night, a guy said to me "do you have a minute?" I shook my head motioning "no", he responded, "I have two (minutes), can I lend you one of mine?" I thought that was cute, maybe because I havent heard it before but I still walked away.
This morning as I walked to the train station, I was intently looking for flights deals, I was looking at my phone when a guy interrupted "keep your head up, you are too beautiful to walk with your head down" Like seriously? Thanks for the compliment but who texts and walks with their phone in the air. I think he was the same guy who told me to smile, dude stop telling me what to do!

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