Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Sunday night I went to bed after 1am,Monday I went to bed after 12. I felt like I slept for 45 mins and then my alarm went off. I was so tired at work.But I had a plan: when the clock strikes 5pm, my computer will be turned off, my bags were already packed and I would be heading to the elevator. Besides a quick stop to UPS everything went according to plan and I was in bed by 630 pm. At 730 pm I woke up, checked the time, went back to sleep and I enjoyed sweet sleep until 430 am, stayed im bed and woke up at 530am with the sweet tune of my alarm.


Wednesday was a really good day. I had a very busy week at work and a very productive day overall.

At lunch time I met up with Julz to go to Macys, I received some awesome deals on kitchen cookware and a bag. After work I met up with a prep school friend, we have been friends since about 6 years old! We went to Lord and Taylor and I bought 2 pairs of boots! After, we raced over to church (the party), I met up with my director to discuss some Kingdom Business.

After the party is the after party, so three of my girls and I went to a super cute Korean spot on 5th ave.

By 12am, I was home, didnt feel tired, read for a bit and a few hours later I woke up to do it all over again but better this time. Five hours of sleep and I feel great!

#sleep bank#

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