Saturday, November 19, 2011

Be like Daniel: Don't shortchange yourself

What I mean by that is do not sabotage your prayers with negative thoughts and words. Keep praying and decreeing.

There is a biblical story in Daniel 10 which speaks about Daniel praying for something to manifest in his life. In verse 12, the angel explains that from the very first day he prayed, his prayer was heard and answered affirmatively but the angel was held up for 21 days. But there could have been two outcomes:

Life: Daniel persisted and eventually saw the manifestation of what he prayed for
Death: realize that its not happening fast enough, speak contrary to what you are believing for and never see the manifestation of your prayer

Daniel chose life. So many times we are close to the result but then we speak against what we prayed and our angels turn back with the answer.The Bible says that angels hearken to our words. Catch the visual:

Day 1: Lord I know it is your will for me to be healed so I thank you for my healing now {God hears the prayer of faith and releases healing}
Day 2: (cough cough) I guess it isnt Gods will, I am always sick, my health gets worse every year (errrrrkks)
Angels hear a prayer contrary to the answer they were bringing and turn back because faith has left the building

Yes I believe in angels!

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