Thursday, November 8, 2012

Plans~ a false sense of security

I left work promptly at 4pm, caught the 4:05pm LIRR to Jamaica and walked into terminal 4 literally the same time as Ladika. Perfect timing or what? Not only were we early but there were only 2 people ahead of us on the queue!

We checked it, received our boarding passes and were advised that despite the snow storm, our flight was scheduled to leave on time at 720pm! Perfect!!! Right?

At 720pm our plane was still in Washington DC because JFK was closed to incoming flights, of course flights were allowed to leave, but there were no Virgin Atlantic planes!

At 9pm,we were still hopeful because we had a three hour layover in London before our 1035 flight to Mumbai. At 12:20am, not so much. We boarded in a very chaotic manner close to 1am.

Our flight arrived around 2PM the following day, clearly we missed our flight. After approaching the Virgin Atlantic counter, an older gentleman informed us to step aside and wait on another line because we missed the flight and its only one flight per day.

While plans may make you feel secure for a certain amount of time, there is so much uncertainty that you just need to do your best to be proactive and then deal with everything else that comes. Who could have predicted a snow storm a week after a hurricane on a random day in November?

The result: accommodated in a very nice hotel in London with dinner, hotel/airport transfer and cheap wifi included.

Tomorrow Ladika and I will go to the airport and figure out everything else.

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