Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Be careful what you wish for

Moving from Jamaica to NY produced moments of culture shock. I was so surprised that strangers didnt talk to each other, I mean I know mommy told you "not to talk to strangers" but now you are old enough to make discernments, talk to them!

I sat on the train reading my Kindle and the following conversation occurred:
Random boy: yo miss, excuse me
{Ro delays but eventually looks at boy}
Random boy: Can you sing?
Ro shakes head to motion "no" in an attempt to quickly end the conversation
Random boy: Do you go to CCC?
Ro shakes head no, I have visited CCC (a large church in Brooklyn but not in several years and never participated actively)
Random boy: Do you live in Brooklyn?
Ro shakes head yes
Conversation dies down...

Random boy: yo miss, you sure you don't sing? Have you been in a music video?
Ro: no
Random boy: I know you from somewhere
Ro: I have a familiar face

As the train pulls into my station, I am relieved and exit as fast as I can without making it obvious. He exits too.

Random boy: you are very beautiful
Ro: thank you so much {genuinely}, have a nice day

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