Saturday, September 22, 2012

Metamorphosis: #transformed#

I want my life to give glory to God. I want to be a walking example and testimony of God's ability to change people and for me. I don't want to be holy because I fear hell or God taking His love from me. I do it because I love God and I don't want my heart to condemn me for doing wrong.

God loves me right now the way I am! There is nothing I can do to make Him love me any more or less. Sometimes He does not approve of my actions but He will never stop loving me.

Lets get something straight:

- People dont go to heaven because they are sinless, but because they accepted Jesus
- People dont go to hell because of sin, but because they reject Jesus

Practical Holiness

* Know your righteousness - I am not righteous because of what I do (my actions or performance) but because of what He has done. Know who you are in Christ, you are His beloved!
* Understand how much God loves you - when you comprehend the magnitude of God's love for you, you will be able to rest in His love
* Sin is not the issue. When you think about what God has done for you, you won't even want to sin, you will lose your appetite for it. Once you understand your union with God, you won't want to sin. The grace of God will help you to make better decisions

Thoughts planted in your mind aren't necessarily for the present but for future reference. Guard your mind, thoughts and heart. Nothing good comes from the flesh, don't trust your flesh and don't give it an opportunity or place in your life.

How to stop doing what you don't want to do! First, don't be condemned over your bad decisions, don't be dominated because there is residue from the "old landlord" - you are a new creature, you live in a different place
* Renew your mind with the Word of God and walk in the Spirit ~ this is a lifestyle
* Meditate on your oneness with God

Holiness means being of one mind with God. Whatever He says is right, I agree that it is right. Holiness is not a conduct, its a way of life and thinking. Holiness is not the lack of makeup or adornment. Holiness is not whether a female wears jeans or earrings. Holiness is not in our flesh or outward appearance. It is being in Christ! The opposite of holiness is not sin, its being common, accepting the norm as the standard and going against God's standard.

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