Friday, September 14, 2012

Janice and Charles' wedding

After I hectic day at work, I tried to pull myself away to get dressed for Janice and Charles' wedding. The plan - simple and easy to remember - Monique and I were supposed to meet at her house at the very latest by 4PM. At 4:30PM, she was in a cab rushing to her house and I was two blocks away. At this time, my hair is not done, I have not steamed my dress, haven't done my makeup - literally no preparations. At 4:45PM we finally meet and decide that we need to hop in a cab immediately. By this time, Mo had on her dress and did her makeup in the cab ride back to her house. I still had on my work clothes. Neither of us had the address to the ceremony on us so we are calling and texting to find out the info. We get a cab and when he asks for the destination, I advised him to go in the general direction of Harlem and we will provide him with an address later. Someone finally picks up their phone and gives us the address. I start changing in the cab and doing my make up! We arrive at 30 minutes late, minutes before the bride was going to walk in! I still haven't seen a mirror and my hair is not done but we ran inside the church and sat down.

Finally I see a mirror:

Not bad for a ten minute get up lol

At the reception 

Congrats Jan and Charles! 

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