Thursday, December 13, 2012

Timelessness of time

Wisdom is timeless, I often surprise myself at how my thoughts towards a particular subject change over time. Anyone who knows me really well would categorize me as a hopeless romantic, love conquers all, love is the foundation. I love "chick flicks",I am nostalgic and I believe that love is the answer for everything.

From a non bitter perspective I can honestly say that love is not a good enough reason to get married. I am sure you think I am going to list must have qualities like trust, honesty/transparent communication, purpose and similar goals as recipes for marital success.Far from my thought process...

Marriage is a contract, to sound less harsh, lets call it a covenant. It starts in the church and sadly, ends in court. The institution of marriage was not designed to trigger butterflies in the stomach or speed up your heart beat. Marriage is a covenant designed to enhance and enrich people's lives. Lets put away the little love goosebumps and think logically.

You want to start a graphic design business but you know you lack the accounting skills to keep the finances in order. Your best friend whom you love dearly is more of a creative asset, not someone you would trust with your bookkeeping. As a result, you start your partnership with someone who has the skills you are lacking and you hone in on the creative design. The company hits the ground running and becomes a success.

You dont love your friend any less, you just know that it is in your best interest to find someone who upgrades, benefits and adds value to your business relationship. Marriage should be no different. I bet you will think differently about arranged marriages now. The majority of Hollywood marries for love and within weeks, divorce. What happened to the all conquering love? They say nothing lasts forever, what makes love the exception? Think about it....

Is this the thought of a cynic or is it just merely truth too hard to swallow?

When I say love, I am referring to a fleeting feeling based on circumstances, not a decision to love, action or God. Now to you my friend who may be concerned by this blog, allow me to renumerate a few things that havent changed:

* I am still in love with love and want to be loved and intend to love and will get married to someone I love. Its just that the priority is a bit lower
* As a follower of Christ, I still believe that love is the most powerful force on earth. We just need to accept that love doesnt play bills, increase your quality/standard of life or build your alliance
* I still get excited and emotional when I enter Grand Central Terminal, Central Park and Brooklyn Bridge!

* I still love you *

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  1. not surprisingly insightful. PS: i like the new look x