Monday, August 20, 2012

JFK to Vienna

I arrived at JFK, checked in with no problems; the customer service agent advised that I would have to pick up my bag in Vienna and then check it in again for my flight to Istanbul. When it was time to select seats, the agent told me that she was giving me an entire row to myself. Sweet! I get to lay flat and sleep on the four seats I have to myself!

Before take off, I have two visitors on each side, the lady on my right asks me if she could sit beside me. And this guy was on the far left. So now I have one empty seat beside me. Despite my ambitious plans to read, write and learn a new language on my flight from New York to Vienna, Austria; I sleep and wake up just in time to eat and then back to sleep. A few hours into the flight, I start talking to Nicholaus. We had such an amazing conversation and learn about so much we have in common. I told him that I have a few hours layover in Vienna but not enough time to sightsee and get back to the airport for my next flight. He informs me that there is a train from the airport to the city that takes 15 minutes!

We bid each other farewell after the flight and I run to grab my luggage with plans to check in or store my luggage and go explore the city. A few minutes later my bags still havent arrived, Rosie don't wait for bags. Rosie's bags are always there when she gets there. I go to lost and found and they advise me that my bags were sent directly to Turkey. I respond "Sweet" and rush over to buy tickets to go to Vienna and start my exploration.
Arrived Vienna in 15

Then I went to Weinerbaud since

Sunday, August 19, 2012

En route to Sonia

En route to Sonia

 Austrian Airlines ~ Vienna to Istanbul

 Time for landing
 The view from the airplane ~ The World Trade Center

 So based on Sonia's crazy map, I am supposed to take the airport bus to Taksim. You'd think that I fly 16 hours to see her, she would pick me up, right? I was actually up to the challenge of figuring out how to get there considering I speak zero Turkish!
 He said: Where is your friend?
I said: She's probably at home sleeping waiting for me to get there, she's lazy
Then he said: Is this your first time here? I said yes, then he said "Yup, she's lazy"
 Views from the bus to Taksim

 As soon as I got off the bus, Ali asked me if I needed a taxi. He helped me with my bags. I told him to turn on the meter and he said "no problem" and didn't turn it on. Then he kissed me on my hand and I pulled away. He asked "problem?" I responded "yea, big problem". He apologized. 
 He kept telling me how beautiful I was, after getting tired of hearing it, I said "where's your wife"; he promptly advised me that he didn't speak English lol. I said "girlfriend?" He motioned to his ring finger and said "girlfriend, no". That didn't work, we finally get to Sonia's house (it was supposed to take 5 mins but he seemed to take the scenic route) and he asks me if I am staying alone, I was like "nope 5 people" lol. 

I asked him for the price ready to start negotiating since he refused to turn on the meter, he said "no problem" and then informed me that the ride was free.
 Finally, I get to see Sonia!!!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Old school jam: Heather Headley I Wish I Wasn't

I wish I wasn't in love with you, so you couldn't hurt me. Its just not fair the way you treat me, look you dont deserve me.

Love Lesson Learned

Like the alliteration with my three L'sfor the title? Wicked lol

Love Languages are critical to relationships to foster communication and understanding. If you tell someone who only speaks French, "I love you" in English, repitition will be futile because they simply do not understand. Here are the five love languages posed by Dr. Gary Chapman:
1. Quality Time
2. Physical Touch
3. Words of Affirmation
4. Acts of Service
5. Receiving Gifts
(in order of my most dominant/fluent)

I was this close (imagine my index and thumb pierced very closely together) to ending an association because I did a mini analysis and concluded that it was not mutually beneficial. I felt as if I was the only one contributing while they simply received without a thought of reciprocating. I was convinced that we enjoy each other's company but I felt my feelings were based on a desire to share/grow and maybe they merely considered me for entertainment.

And then I remembered...